Surgically Clean Air™

Brookfield Dentistry features surgical grade air purifiers in our office. Using Surgically Clean Air™ helps our dentists and team promote your health and quality of life as well as maintain a cleaner and healthier environment. To learn more about Surgically Clean Air in Brookfield, Wisconsin, and make an appointment with Dr. Darryl Stich or Dr. John Peters, call us today at 262-786-8440.


Surgically Clean Air is a high-grade air purifier that not only filters pollutants but destroys them. This technology includes:

  • A six-stage filtration and sterilization process to remove particles, including odors
  • Sound dampening design that provides a more comfortable experience for our patients
  • Large capacity airflow management that can easily clean large spaces
  • Smart control features that prompt us when anything needs to be done so that we can keep our office clean


For more information about Surgically Clean Air and how this system benefits you, please contact our office.

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