Local Anesthetic Reversal

When our dentists and team provide you with treatment we may also provide you with a local anesthetic to numb the area and minimize your discomfort. However, this anesthetic can take some time to wear off completely. For this reason, Dr. Darryl Stich and Dr. John Peters provide local anesthetic reversal in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

Local anesthetic reversal returns your tongue, cheeks, lips and other areas of your mouth to experiencing normal sensations much more quickly. This allows you to speak, eat, chew, drink and smile normally, removing the risk of accidentally injuring yourself by chewing on the numbed area or eating or drinking excessively hot foods or beverages. While local anesthetic reversal is beneficial for all patients, it is especially helpful for children, as children frequently chew or poke at the numb areas of their mouth and are at greater risk for causing damage or injury to themselves while numb.

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